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Getting to Lanzarote Airport

Lanzarote Airport is one of the busier airports providing an air gateway to the Canary Islands, and handled almost five million passengers in 2010. Lanzarote Island is the furthest north-east of all seven of the Canary Islands, and is also one of the larger islands. Similar to the others, it is a very popular holiday destination, with gorgeous beaches and many seaside resorts and other interesting attractions. Directions for Lanzarote Airport are easy to follow, as the island has an excellent road network, with certain larger highways and motorways leading to prominent areas of the island, such as the airport. Motorists will also find adequate parking facilities at Lanzarote airport, and all other facilities within the terminal buildings that they may require.

Lanzarote Airport is located in San Bartolome, Las Palmas, on the south-eastern shoreline of the island. It is also only five kilometres from the capital city of Lanzarote, known as Arrecife, which is a major tourist centre. Areas particularly nearby the airport are Casas de Guasimeta, and therefore a common second name for Lanzarote Airport is the Guasimeta Airport, Las Playas, Playa Honda and Playa del Cable. A little further north-east from Lanzarote Airport is Costa Teguise, a very popular destination for holiday makers, and to the south-west, Playa del Carmen, another major resort area on the island. By car, Lanzarote Airport will take just a fifteen to twenty minute drive from these nearby areas. On the far southern coast of Lanzarote, there is the Playa Blanca, and from here the airport is approximately a forty-five minute drive. Regular ferries leave Playa Blanca for the short cross-over to Fuerteventura, the Canary Island just south of Lanzarote.

Important roads in the vicinity of Lanzarote Airport are the LZ-2 motorway, or the Carretera de Arrecife a Yaiza, which is one of the main roads on the island, the Carretera Las Playas, heading west to Las Playas, and the LZ-40, running alongside the western side of the airport grounds. Within the city of Arrecife itself, the Rambla de Medular runs through the centre of the city, and joins the Calle de José west of the city centre. The LZ-3, or also known as the Carretera de Circunvalación, follows the outskirts of the city, and is directly linked to the LZ-2 motorway.

Directions to Lanzarote Airport from the south of Lanzarote  

From Playa Blanca in the far south of Lanzarote, as well as Las Coloradas and Bajo de San Jacinto, motorists will be able to travel on the LZ-2 motorway in order to reach Lanzarote Airport. The road heads in a northerly direction until Yaiza, from where it turns east, in the direction of Uga, Tias and Lanzarote Airport. Motorists should follow signs for Arrecife, and signs of ‘Aeropuerto de Lanzarote’ will indicate the direction to the airport.

Directions to Lanzarote Airport from the north of Lanzarote

Regions far north of Lanzarote Airport, including Orzola, Haría and Punta de las Mujeres, are linked to the capital city by the LZ-1 and LZ-10 motorways. From Arrecife, the LZ-2 can be used to easily access the airport.

Directions to Lanzarote Airport from the west and east of Lanzarote

Since that Lanzarote Airport is located on the far eastern coastline of the island, there is only the sea further east of the airport, but from the west, the LZ-67 leads from La Santa to Tinajo, and the LZ-20 heads to San Bartolome. It also continues towards Arrecife, and links to the LZ-3 motorway, which in turn allows access to the LZ-2. From the direction of Arrecife, motorists will take the kilometre four exit.

Although the roads on the island of Lanzarote are not known to suffer from traffic congestion, it is always advised to leave in plenty of time for the airport. A suitable parking space must still be found, as well as the check-in desk for your airline company. Passengers who would rather not drive to Lanzarote Airport can travel by bus or taxi. The Circle Line 22 and 23 buses travel from all nearby areas, and taxis are available from every corner of the island. At present, there are no railway/train services on the island of Lanzarote.

Lanzarote Airport consists of two terminal buildings, known as Terminal 1 and Terminal 2. Terminal 1 handles all international flights and the majority of domestic flights, and has 43 check-in desks and 12 boarding gates, while all flights between Lanzarote and the other Canary Islands depart from Terminal 2. This terminal features a special mural created by César Manrique, which has a lovely seating and garden area around it. Manrique is one of the Canary Island’s famous artists. There is also an Aviation Museum at Lanzarote Airport, which provides more information regarding the island’s aviation heritage. A tour of the museum can be taken if there is sufficient interest. Both terminal buildings of Lanzarote Airport are well equipped for disabled passengers, and for the needs of all passengers, with lovely shops and restaurants, ATMs, a VIP Lounge and first aid services. Meeting points for disabled passengers are found in the Terminal 1 departures forecourt and the Terminal 2 check-in lobby, as well as in the arrival areas.

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