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Low Cost Lanzarote Airport Parking

Lanzarote Airport is located approximately five kilometres from the capital city of Lanzarote Island, known as Arrecife. It is an airport of medium size when compared to others serving Spain and the Canary Islands, with almost five million passengers per annum. The Canary Islands are deemed as holiday resort areas, famous for their golden beaches, historical attractions and interesting landscapes, and therefore Lanzarote Airport provides an important gateway for tourists around the world. Facilities at the airport are more than adequate to meet the needs of international and domestic passengers, and they include good parking grounds as well. Parking at Lanzarote Airport is found in two different areas.

Since that the island of Lanzarote has an excellent road network, and that certain major roads provide direct access to the airport, motorists will easily be able to arrive at Lanzarote Airport in their own vehicles. Passengers departing from the airport will also find the parking areas to be well priced, with sufficient spaces at the majority of times. The road leading to the airport from Arrecife is the LZ-2 motorway, and this road also continues south down to the popular holiday resort area of Playa Blanca. The LZ-40 leads to the airport from nearby Las Playas, and the LZ-20 from San Bartolome. The LZ-1 and LZ-10 motorways provide access from areas located further north on the island of Lanzarote. In general, the airport is located on the south-eastern coastline of the island, and nearby Güime, Playa Honda, Playa del Cable, Puerto del Carmen and Costa Teguise.

The airports of the Canary Islands, including Lanzarote Airport, are operated by Aena, the world’s leading airport authority in charge of 47 airports and 2 heliports in Spain. All their airports operate according to strict security control measures put in place for the safety of all passengers and airport and airline staff members. In terms of parking at Lanzarote Airport, motorists may only use the area outside the terminal building for a quick drop-off of departing passengers and their luggage, and may not leave their vehicles unattended in this area. Abandoned vehicles will be immediately towed. Motorists may therefore not wait for arriving passengers in the drop-off zones of the terminal buildings. Parking is also prohibited on the access roads of the airport, or in any area not designated as an official parking area.

At Lanzarote Airport, there are two terminal buildings, and therefore two parking areas. Terminal 1 is the larger terminal, handling the majority of flights from the airport, while Terminal 2 is used only for inter-island traffic. The parking areas for both terminals are within easy walking distance of the airport’s facilities, and can be used for short and long-term parking periods, as there are no separate parking areas for various lengths of stays at Lanzarote Airport. Terminal 1’s parking area has 1,047 spaces available for motorists, 49 spaces for coaches and a further 310 parking spaces for hire cars belonging to Lanzarote Airport car rental companies. Terminal 2’s parking area has just 207 spaces for motorists, and a further 60 spaces for hire cars. Passengers who rent a car from Lanzarote Airport will therefore easily be able to collect their hired car from the airport, and return it again to the parking lots once their contract has expired.

Parking rates at Lanzarote Airport are considered as reasonable, and the first half hour of parking in both areas is for free. This provides useful time for bidding farewell to departing passengers, or for waiting for arriving friends and family members. The free time of parking is provided in order to reduce congestion on the roads leading past the terminal buildings. Motorists will collect a ticket upon entering the parking area, and this ticket should be kept somewhere safe, as it will be needed for payment of the parking period. When ready to leave the airport, the ticket is inserted into an automatic parking payment machine provided in the arrival areas or nearby the parking lots, and will show the amount due. Credit cards can be used in the machines, or change can be provided for customers paying in cash.

The maximum daily parking rate at Lanzarote Airport, up until the first four days of parking, will be charged at €10.60, while the maximum daily rate charged from the fifth day onwards is €8.50. Passengers with reduced mobility are welcome at Lanzarote Airport, as the terminal buildings are well equipped for their comfort, with adapted toilet facilities, open spaces with no obstructions and lifts and ramps to access all levels of the buildings. Disabled drivers may also use the dedicated spaces found in the parking areas, nearby the entrances of the terminals. It is recommended to always display your disabled parking badge when leaving your vehicle at the airport.

Departing passengers who do not wish to park at Lanzarote Airport can arrive by bus or taxi. Buses travel frequently to the airport from Arrecife and all other surrounding areas, and taxis can be called to collect you from any location. Bus services are much cheaper than taxis, but many passengers also prefer the convenience and privacy of their own car and driver.

Further information regarding Lanzarote Airport parking can be obtained from the airport, at 902 404 704, or (+34) 91 321 10 00.