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Lanzarote Tourist Attractions

Lanzarote Airport serves as the main air gateway to the attractions of Lanzarote Island, which is one of the larger of Spain’s famous Canary Islands. The airport serves over 4.5 million passengers per annum, and is located in San Bartolome, just five kilometres from the island’s capital city, Arrecife, a centre of tourism. Lanzarote Airport is also nearby many popular areas for visitors, such as Costa Teguise, Playa Honda, Las Playas, Playa del Cable and Puerto del Carmen. Further south is Playa Blanca, from where many ferries travel to nearby Fuerteventura Island, and the Parque Nacional de Timanfaya is an area found to the west of the airport. Lanzarote Island is known for its beautiful golden beaches, and spectacular array of other attractions, which include museums, theme parks, golf courses and some amazing geographical sights due to past volcanic activity.

Lanzarote Island covers an area of approximately 320 square miles, or 840 square kilometres, and is known for its wonderful warm weather throughout the year. There are a number of appealing towns and villages on the island, and in general, the island is considered to offer an extremely clean and inviting atmosphere, and a wonderful place to escape cold and wet winters. Many of the island’s famous landmarks and sights have been directly influence by César Manrique, who also created the beautiful mural in the smaller terminal building of Lanzarote Airport.

The beaches of this island are known to be as some of the best in the world, and mostly feature fine golden sand and clear blue waters perfect for all types of aqua-related activities. However, a couple of the beaches are also naturally darker in colour, with pebbles and find gravel, due to the volcanic nature of the island. These beaches are found in the Puerto del Carmen region. The water sports enjoyed by locals and visitors include scuba diving and snorkelling, swimming, surfing, windsurfing and fishing, as well as a variety of other kinds of boating and sailing. Sailing is particularly popular at La Santa Beach, in the Tinajo area of Lanzarote. Around the capital city of the island, are the popular beaches of El Cable and El Reducto, which are both well developed with many hotels, restaurants and shops in the nearby vicinity. To the north of Lanzarote Airport, is the Famara Beach in the Teguise area, one of the longest beaches in Lanzarote, as well as the Los Charcos Beach, with a waterfront boardwalk. The El Jabilillo Beach is another of the main beaches along the Costa Teguise.

Other beaches of Lanzarote are found in the Tinajo area, including La Santa and Teneza, in Haría towards the north of the island, with the La Caleta Beach popular for recreational water sports, in Yaiza, including the El Golfo Beach nearby Lanzarote’s famous semi-circular volcanic crater and green lagoon and the Flamingo Beach in the Playa Blanca area ideal for families. The Playa Blanca Beach is also well known as an exceptional location for scuba diving. There are many more beaches on the island, all with restaurants, children’s playgrounds, cafés, hotels and other facilities. At many of the seaside towns there are marinas, filled with boats and yachts of all sizes, and boats for hire and cruises are usually offered. Puerto Calero is a particularly scenic harbour, and one of the main marinas on the island.

Theme parks are some of the main attractions on the island of Lanzarote, and two of the most popular are the Rancho Texas Park and the Guinate Tropical Park. The Rancho Texas Park is found in Puerto del Carmen, and is one of the main draw cards of the island for tourism. It offers a vast array of attractions, including animals such as crocodiles, parrots, birds of prey and exotic birds, as well as a farmyard filled with more friendly creatures. The park also features an Indian village, caves, a gold mine and restaurants. The Guinate Tropical Park is found at the base of the Corona Volcano, in Guinate, and is an area with stunning lakes, landscaped gardens and views of the island. It also has a variety of animal and bird life, and many shows exhibiting the creatures are held. The parrot shows are often very popular.

There are a number of caves to be explored in Lanzarote, mostly resulting from previous volcanic activity. The Los Jameos del Agua are a series of underground caves and tunnels found in Malpais de La Corona, and are quite an unusual tourist attraction. The caves were formed some 3,000 years ago, from gases and huge bubbles that accumulated within the molten lava. It is now a very busy tourist area, and within the caves, there is a swimming pool, gardens, a nightclub and a large concert cave, with room for approximately 600 people. More caves found in the area are the Cueva De Los Verdes, or the Green Caves, which are also part of the Los Jameos del Agua network of underground tunnels. Wonderful guided tours of the Green Caves can be enjoyed, in order to safely explore the 4 mile stretch of passageways. The tours last for about an hour.

Two famous natural landmarks in Lanzarote not to be missed are the El Golfo, or The Gulf, and Mirador Del Rio, or the River View. The El Golfo is another of the island’s landmarks from volcanic activity, and is an impressive natural amphitheatre, in the form of a semi-circular crater. It features the ‘Green Lagoon’ as the crater is partly flooded, and is a protected area and therefore swimming is not permitted. Nearby is the El Golfo village, with restaurants, a number of historic buildings, and a beach. From the Mirador Del Rio, spectacular views of the Atlantic Ocean are enjoyed, and there is a restaurant area available. The island’s famous local artist, Manrique, created the actual building of the Mirador Del Rio.

Many other attractions are found in Lanzarote, in the form of museums, jeep safaris, parasailing, guided walks and air tours, and tourists arriving at Lanzarote Airport often find the island to be one of the nicest holiday areas around.